Qualum aluminium folding gate

Modern Qualum aluminium folding gate is a perfect solution for lot entrances with limited space: opened, it does not collide with pedestrian gate nor with a car parked just behind it. A great advantage of this unique solution is fast opening time (5 seconds to 100% opening).

As a standard, a folding gate construction is of two folding wings. For narrow entrances we offer one wing folding gates which open to one side. There is a hinges covering option available.

Qualum aluminium two leaf gate

A traditional solution with a modern twist. Aluminium frame and inlet guarantee durability and comfort of use. Qualum aluminium two leaf gate perfectly matches modern buildings and a well-chosen model will bring out the charm of classic architectural structures. There is a hinges covering option available.

Qualum aluminium sliding gate

Modern Qualum sliding gate is made of 100% aluminium. A solid aluminium carrying rail guarantees reliability and durability of the product, as well as the comfort of use. Taking care of every detail in every stage of manufacturing, Qualum sliding gate boasts of the quality that will satisfy even the most demanding clients. Sliding gates are manufactured to any dimension, up to 5 meters width and up to 2 metres height, meeting the client's requirements.